Kaal Spoof

Whenever possible I catch ‘The Great Indian Comedy Show’. It’s nothing compared to its counterparts in the West but I think it’s quite a hit on the Indian Television. The ensemble of the cast is quite good. Some jokes are really silly and stupid but some are neat too.

If you appreciate PJs, you would like this show compared to those awfully boring and over-the-top saans-bahu sagas and soap operas with no logical storyline, marital affairs and multiple kids from multiple marriages! Wow what a shining example of the Indian joint family! Ok this will make for another blog so back to The Great Indian Comedy Show.

A couple of spoofs on Karan Johar’s Kaal that I caught and quite liked.

Save the Tiger: Vinay Pathak is a forest officer who accompanies a tourist in the Park. A tiger strikes the tourist and he screams for help. Vinay Pathak calls up his boss and then fires the gun. Then calls him back and reports, “Sir I shot the tourist” and to the audience he says, “When in doubt always SAVE THE TIGER”.


The Sajid Murder Incident: In the movie, the group discovers Sajid’s headless dead body. They enacted the same scene here and Manini De is a total hit with her take on Lara Dutta. She has got the accent and acting bang on target. Gaurav Kapoor playing John Abraham on seeing the body asks, “Did your friend Sajid have a head?” The actor playing Vivek Oberoi says with a serious look, “I think he did; but now he has lost it!!! Cut the crap!!:-))”

Oh! How I kept wishing the Karan Johar camp was watching this, what a tribute to their so-called “hit”!!!

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