Day: June 14, 2005

The Earth Does Not Look Too Pleased…

Felt mild tremors half hour back. Tremors had rocked Mumbai, and some parts of Maharashtra couple of months back.
Hope these ones are not too serious.
Man is just so helpless when natural disaster strikes…when are we gonna learn to preserve the wild-life and nature. Stop turning the world into one concrete jungle!

Confidence Personified…

England drew first blood against Aus when they thrashed them by 100 runs in Twenty20 match.

Hmmmm…These days an Aussie defeat in any version fo the game makes ” Big” news; just the way our victories in any version of the game would;-)

Well if England thought they could rest on cloud nine, Ponting brought them down right away with his take on the match:
“I think it’s that sort of game, Twenty20. So much happens that wouldn’t normally happen in a 50-over game so I don’t think the result of today’s game will do them any good and probably won’t do us any harm,

Mental Disintegration? And Aussies are proven champs at it:-)
I’m looking forward more than ever to the Ashes this time…

Another Earth?

Yet another discovery. Yet another quest might begin; to search if life exists on other planets.

Maybe it exists and they too are trying to search for possibilites of life on other planets, but then again I remember what Calvin said:

‘Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.’

Could that be true? Think about it…

P.S: One more reason I like Bill Watterson’s ‘C&H’, the questions posed, and the thoughts of Calvin are very often the queries that we wished we could’ve asked and half those thoughts did come to most of us…

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