Day: June 20, 2005

The Wait is Over…

I’m not talking about the much awaited split of the Reliance Empire, or the Aussie defeat at the hands of England.

It’s the much awaited rains. They were late by 10 odd days than the usual and how they have tasted the patience of the Mumbaikar. The heat, the sweat, the sultry atmosphere was getting unbearable!

It poured yesterday and quite a bit today morning. On my way to office, I saw the muck around, the train-timetable all set to go haywire in few days, traffic on roads, people making their way through with umbrellas and windcheaters, pot-holes on roads, certain roads all set to get flooded…

Aha, the monsoon has arrived and Mumbai’s normalcy is on its way to get restored;-)

Enjoy these 4 months…

Will He Be Aus’s Nemesis?

He has been much talked about before the series began. He has a record to back the reputation he is earning as Destroyer-in-Chief.

He proved it again yesterday.

What would be interesting to see is will he be able to do to the Aussies what Sachin did to them in the 1998 season??

Interesting battle ahead!

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