Give a Thought-10?

Exam halls are like toilets; the longer you sit there, the more the crap that comes out The best ideas always seem to come in the loo, Oh shit! Gravity is a myth: Earth sucks! Whoever said money can’t buy everything didn’t know where to shop You can’t have everything;where would you put it?


Day 4 and 5 @ Wankhede:

India had probably done all the wrong it could on the first three days of the match and with the track assisting spinners somewhat here was a chance to redeem some pride in the match.With my husband scheduled to fly home in the evening, I could only watch the first two sessions of the day.… Continue reading »


Day 2 and 3 @Wankhede:

Day 2:Day one wasn’t perfect and gave the crowd all the more reason to show their disappointment with Dravid for depriving them of watching Sehwag and Sachin’s batting on a fine Sunday. Every mistake committed by the captain was followed by chants of ‘We want Dada or Saurav’. And believe me that was not music… Continue reading »


Day 1 @ Wankhede

If you are watching a match at the stadium there are a few norms you must follow:– Get to the stadium early to see the players practice– On day one do not miss the toss– Never ever miss the first and last ball of each day in the test match!– On the last day don’t… Continue reading »


Back to my Love Affair…

I started viewing cricket in the 1991-92 season and took a keen interest in the game thereafter. I kept pestering my father as to why we could not see a match live at a stadium in Mumbai. He told me that for quite sometime now India was touring abroad and had not hosted any series… Continue reading »


An Exhilarating Day of Cricket!

What a day it was for the world of cricket! Three men inspired their teams to commanding positions! Two matches yet to see the result while the one that finished yesterday left an unforgettable mark in history! First the sensational final match of SA-Aus ODI series at Wanderers. Well I got home at 9.00 p.m.… Continue reading »


England – India: Review and Preview

Offline activities are simply not giving me enough time to blog! But I’m a strong believer in better late than never and so we go to the current series being played. In the quest for World Cup 2007, I think we are forgetting the real essence of the game, the lifeline, the highest form of… Continue reading »


On the Occasion of Women’s Day

A day to celebrate women worldwide! But how often do we give them their space in this world and let them be. Two must reads today, real eye-openers. I’m terribly sad about having missed blogging on the issues and will try to plug in a delayed response( no promise but will try to pull in… Continue reading »


Once upon a Furore: Lost Pages of Indian cricket- Boria Majumdar

History for cricket often chronicles matches played, batting and bowling records and a few tit-bits, anecdotes and trivia associated with cricketers. Cricket was brought to India by the British. Though the game is today more Indian than British we take a backseat when it comes to writing about the game. We do not have much… Continue reading »