A thousand promises for you I hold,Each as pure as the first drop of dew,Love me once, and a deeper meaning of love, I’ll reveal to you,I’ll be the picture that you’ll paint of love,On the twilight skies I’ll be your soul,I’ll be the vision, of hopes and dreams in your eyes,And if there be… Continue reading »


Selection Process

If you have a bunch of kids around; not aged more than 6-7 you get to hear some priceless pieces. Here is one: My little nephew T, all of 4 years, was waiting for an invitation to his neigbour’s daughter’s birthday party. The little girl walked up to him and said,’T tomorrow is my birthday… Continue reading »


Sparing Sachin…

Sachin Tendulkar is a unique person in every sense. Everything he has done on and off the field exemplifies his uniqueness. He has been India’s wonderboy, heartthrob, kamikaze kid, saviour, knight in shining armour etc. As much as his batting is unique so have been his dismissals and also the criticism he has faced. Don’t… Continue reading »


Movies in Dubai…

Since moving to Dubai there is not much I’ve been upto. The house was set up in fifteen odd days. It was an absolutely enjoyable and satisfying experience. Seriously it’s indeed a great joy to do the little things and set up your house from scratch. For me it was also hassle free. Like it… Continue reading »


Remembering the Brave Martyrs

Remembering the martyrs Today, India will observe a two minute silence to remember all those who lost their lives in the recent Mumbai blasts. I can’t recollect the last time the nation came together to do so for victims of terror. It’s been a week and it still hurts. I thought I could put down… Continue reading »