Life’s Little Learnings of the Week – 1

I’m not sure if you all have come across the “I’ve learned that…series” on e-mail/papers. I happened to pick a compilation book of the same when in Mumbai. It is the “Live and Learn & Pass it On”. I’ve decided to share 7 thoughts every week starting today with you all. The thoughts have been… Continue reading »


My experiments with cooking

Experiments with cooking continue! Fortunately they turn out just fine and at most times delicious! I post my recipes here, so do visit and try them out. For now Mumbai Special – Vada Paav and Misal Paav:-)!!


20 random quirks

It has been 3 years of expat life in Dubai! Although I would have loved to be a regular on my blog I could not, as I was adjusting to a new life and a whole new world of responsibilities!So blogging took a backseat and I’m not going to promise that I shall be regular… Continue reading »