My 2-year old niece to her mother( my cousin bhabhi) on seeing the “Whisper” AD on TV: ” Mom there’s your diaper” I’ve not stopped laughing since I heard this from my sis and I’m amazed at the girl’s observation powers!!! Kids do say the darnest things!


It’s A Simple Equation

On Friday, Australia needed 37 runs of 16 balls. They were 7 down, staring at a probable defeat at the hands of the defending champs. A brilliant all-round show in the league looked likely to come to an end. Micheal Hussey was on strike along with Micheal Johnson. Hussey who had to wait till he… Continue reading »


Tag Along

Sagarika – my new friend in the blogworld whose writing I’m becoming a huge fan of, asked me to do this tag. I don’t refuse tags unless I’m dead buried in my offline world. I’m currently but this seemed a nice break to take my mind of a few things! So here goes. Rules Go… Continue reading »


Missing Akka

Akka is the grandmother I’ve not spoken about much on this blog. My aunt’s mom, my Didu’s maternal grandmother. Majority of my childhood has been spent with my Didu’s maternal relatives just as hers has been spent with my paternal relatives. School vacations were equally distributed with spending time in Pune and Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar is… Continue reading »



I’ve been blank in my thoughts for the last 10 days. I open my windows live writer and decide today I shall try and blog, but nothing seems to come out. It’s not that the mind is blank – but I cannot seem to write anything down. There is a lot happening in my offline… Continue reading »