Life in 55 words over the last 2 months

Guests, touring, delicious food, best friends, parents, grown up nieces, reliving childhood & teen years, laughing all over again at the past, night-long chats, cricket podcasts, blogs neglected, RWAs, RoEs, SVA, portfolio management, falling in love with my work, minimal online life, watching my 10 month-old niece grow up fast, exhausted, tired but still rejuvenated!


  1. Pallavi says:

    Like this post.. 🙂 somewhat.. tweet like.. 🙂 will try this..

    1. Minal says:

      Hey Pallavi,
      I first came across 55-ers when I started first blogging in 2005:-) It’s pretty interesting:-)

  2. Amit says:

    Notice how the hubby is missing 😉 seems very very interesting though … the rejuvenation is what matters..Life needs these commas and semi-colons 😉

    1. Minal says:

      Actually had no time for the hubby did I?? :-(!!!

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