To My Love Addiction – My Little Bundle of Joy

This post was selected for BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks   This day – 12 months ago I held the tiny little you in my arms; you refused to open your eyes or even smile. All you did was cry and cry, and sleep peacefully in your mom’s arms. Day 1 in this whole new world… Continue reading »


Mum’s the Word…

When my best friend’s mom used to praise the 10-year old me: “Minu’s mumma, she is such a quiet child, so well behaved”. Mumma would say calmly,”Who are you talking about, my daughter the rebel, talks at the top of her voice and argues incessantly, can I exchange this girl you mentioned with her?” When my… Continue reading »


Crave Some Lazy Time?

It feels like ages since I put up a post – I told you cricket and work is occupying my time currently. MDH and I were having crazy weekends for the last 3 months. There was a continuous flow of guests at home and on weekends we were busy playing tour guides, once they were… Continue reading »