Dory Fish Fillet

It’s been a long time since I blogged about food. So here goes a quick fix delicious snack for all you sea-food lovers. I learnt this dish from a family friend who had moved to Dubai for a couple of years. The Dory fish does not stink and the fillets are easily available in the… Continue reading »


Don’t Drive Me Crazy

A little bit of advice to the rash drivers I encounter daily in Dubai: The road is not the place to display your so-called skill set; get qualified for one of those car racing competitions to satisfy your need for speed I don’t mind read – so please turn on the indicator when you want to… Continue reading »


Why Moms are the Cutest…

Mumma is with me in Dubai for a couple of months. One of my cousins has gone on to be a famous fashion designer in the USA. We were surfing his website, when mumma spotted the “HOME” link and kept telling me “Minu can you click there I want to see his home” Mum is… Continue reading »