Does Only Winning Matter?

At my last toastmaster’s meeting I was the toastmaster of the day and I chose the meeting theme as “Sports”. As an introduction to the theme I chose 4 stories from the sports world that had inspired me – having read about some, watched them later and seen some live. As a child I was a… Continue reading »



If as an artist – be it in films, theatre or music, as a  sports player, as an author, as a painter, as a businessman, as a head of a company – you begin to think that the customer, consumer, audience, spectator cannot have an “expert” opinion on your respective field just cause he is… Continue reading »



I miss the “Bombay” of my childhood and so does mom miss the “Bombay” of her childhood. But she has a song that describes her Bombay to perfection and I’m still searching for one that describes mine; and I know that even if I find my song of my Bombay, hers will still rule the… Continue reading »


The Year End Recap

Life always balances out! Always – This was to be a fantastic year but it ended on a somber note. Mumma lost her aunts in quick succession – I don’t know how it is with you folks but on my side I’ve always been closer to my maternal aunts just like mumma has been to… Continue reading »