I came across this on FB – I had to share it on the blog cause I believe this is very much possible in real life. I’m not a mom yet but if I were to become one someday – this is a possibility with me; and all you righteous moms who are judging me now cause I’m agreeing to this – you know you are lying cause you know this is a possibility with you too 🙂


  1. Himali says:

    oh totally! i once forgot my laptop bag and went to office. i realised after attending 2 conference calls when my boss asked for some data! 🙁
    and then the other day, i forgot to unload my bottled water crate outside walmart (which was the only thing i had gone to get it in the first place!), drove all the way back to home. its only when i got thirsty after half an hour i realised i hadnt loaded it in the car! i can very well do this to a baby, especially the little ones that get lost in the aisles.. i find atleast one, once a month in walmart looking for his/her mommy! 😉

    1. Minal says:

      Himali, I’ve forgotten my laptop at hone too! I pack my lunch bag for work – get down 20 floors to realise I haven’t carried it! I think I’m capable of forgetting my child as well :)))

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