Why Henry Cavill is the Best SuperHero of the 21st Century

Christian Bale as Dark Knight – Perpetually Brooding Hot


Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man – UberCool Hot

iron man

Michael Fassbender as Magneto – Magnetic Hot


James McAvoy as Charles Xavier – Charming Hot

prof x

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – Always Angry Hot


But Henry Cavill as Superman – He is all of the above and Scorching HOT


He is simply gorgeous – I rest my case!



  1. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. » Granger Gab says:

    […] you have ever chanced upon this blog and landed up on this post and yes this one too from my cricket blog – you should not be surprised when I tell you that […]

  2. Ashutosh Garud says:

    Is this just on looks? or you considering the characters too?

    Yet to see MOS. But difficult choice to make. Like most of those movies. Had it been super villian – hands down to Heath Ledger.

    Will you not consider Tobey Maguire (Spider Man) at least for the nominations?

    1. Minal says:

      Looks Ashutosh 🙂 Character wise I love most superheroes 🙂

    2. Minal says:

      Toby is not Hot 🙂 And Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker!

  3. AV Srinivas says:

    I thought the “Always Angry” tag was meant for Bruce Banner / The Hulk!

    1. Minal says:

      AV from a girl’s point of view this post is 🙂 Not a fan of the hulk though 🙂

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