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A small dose of my life's loves - Cricket, Music, Dance, Mumma-Papa, MDH, Friends, Family... All what make me who I'm today

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Stuffed Egg Masala

Every kid is biased towards his/hers mom’s cooking but in my family the bias is not just from my side as everyone agrees unanimously how awesome her dishes are; especially this one. She completely owns this recipe. I have not had this dish anywhere – neither at friends/cousins’ homes nor not seen it in hotels… Continue reading »


The Shift

I haven’t had an evening to myself since 10th of September. So much has happened in the last 4 months – I have not had a moment to sit down, relax, fall back, think, smile, laugh, get tensed, get worried, freak out, breathe in breathe out, assess, fret, get mad, get angry, shout out loud,… Continue reading »


Cristina and Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 has been pretty mediocre so far – not one episode has been gripping or held my attention for long. However last night when catching up on the last 3 episodes that we had missed out – two scenes from episode 5 stayed with me. I get Cristina – I always have.… Continue reading »


Malvani Crab Masala

Crabs are so dear to everyone in my family and I’m the odd one out to not eat them. I have tried crab cakes or crab mince but not been able to develop a taste for the typical Malvani Crab Curry as my mother makes it. MDH is a foodie (you already know that by… Continue reading »


The Key

3 days had passed and I continued to ignore her loss. She has always been around, must be hiding somewhere and playing her cat and mouse game with my memory again. Yesterday despite my repeated attempts to recollect where I had last left her I simply could not remember where she had hidden herself. I… Continue reading »


Kajuchi Bhaaji (Cashewnut Veggie)

Don’t look surprised at the title of this dish. Kajuchi Bhaaji is an absolute delicacy in my family and even though cashew-nuts are very famous along the coastal line of Maharashtra and in Goa – this dish is not found easily. This is my mother’s speciality and I’m yet to master the taste her dish… Continue reading »


Hasselback Potatoes

There are days at work when I’m completely drained out (and of late there have been too many much to my chagrin). The only thing that can get me refreshed is to cook up a good dish; and to my luck I chance upon recipes like this one shared on LifeHacker. I did a bit… Continue reading »


Fish and Prawns Fry

How long has it been since I updated this section of my blog! I have been lazy and not posted any recipes though I have bombarded folks with the food pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp and though they have got  many “likes”; I have also got abuses for not posting the recipes. So a… Continue reading »


Dear Parents of Sons

I hope you take 5 minutes out of your busy lives and read this brilliant post by Himali. This is not a sympathy seeking plea – it is an honest, forthright, rational, witty and intellectual post. The Matrimonial Meetings – Dos and Donts It is my earnest request to all you mothers of sons out… Continue reading »


Why Henry Cavill is the Best SuperHero of the 21st Century

Christian Bale as Dark Knight – Perpetually Brooding Hot Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man – UberCool Hot Michael Fassbender as Magneto – Magnetic Hot James McAvoy as Charles Xavier – Charming Hot Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – Always Angry Hot But Henry Cavill as Superman – He is all of the above and Scorching… Continue reading »

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