Harp – Book Review (BlogAdda)

First of all thanks to Blogadda for this opportunity and the patience they have showed. I feel terrible that I could not complete my review in the time they had requested. My work and personal commitments + travel took up most of my time in the last month. These are the most busy times at… Continue reading »


Down with Plagiarism

I cannot fathom how people can pass of other’s work as their own. Sure I see it a lot in my offline world but this is not acceptable. My thoughts and opinions make me unique so don’t ttry taking them away and publishing as your own. IHM we love your blog and all your blogposts… Continue reading »


The Second One

From Starry Eyed… Sands had tagged me first hence most questions here! But I simply cannot not do the tag again when a wonderful blogger thinks you are worthy of an award!!! Starry Eyed Thanks a ton!! It’s an honour. So although late ( I was on a vacation in Mumbai for a wedding) I… Continue reading »


The First One…

Sands sent me this one and I’m flattered! Absolutely flattered. I’ve known her for a month now only through her blog. I like her blog simply cause she writes straight from the heart, a quality I immensely admire! Also she has opinions surprisingly very similar to mine. Keep the great work Sands and I do… Continue reading »



Long break from blogging and I really missed it:-( Most of all I missed reading other blogs! First half of the break dedicated to a fun-filled Diwali celebrations. First after marriage was special and boy I wish it would be the same every year! Second half dedicated to some serious studies and getting back to… Continue reading »


A Little Bit of Help…

You can’t always be there for everyone every time. You can’t always lend a helping hand physically, but there are small ways in which you can help. Little contributions go a long way in building strong foundations. This is one of the small things we can do. Desipundit has called for Blog Quake Day on… Continue reading »


50 Today…& Living Abroad

I never thought I’d touch this landmark in my blogging world. I am extremely pleased with myself for being a regular, laziness has often got in my way and I’ve left a lot of things that were ‘Well Begun but Half Done’! Not this blog! I intend to continue it cause it is just about… Continue reading »


Off the mark

Hey There,   Blogging, bloggers… Heard it all. Read it all. Did I get inspired or just thought let’s join the bandwagon and see where it takes me… Will try to be a regular as much as I can.  I don’t have an answer to that but just that it’s a nice medium to put… Continue reading »