Why I Hated BodyGuard…

Bollywood is trying to make a RajniKant out of Salman Khan – so not happening! I get the need for mindless movies – I’m not against them but this was beyond mindless – it was mind numbing The movie tests your tolerance to irritating elements Salman has the name “ Lovely Singh” His irritating mobile… Continue reading »


Till Death Do Us Apart

Susanna Anna-Marie Jones takes this part in her wedding wows very seriously. Divorce is not an option – murder is. Vishal Bharadwaj takes us on a giant wheel ride – every time you go up you are excited but as you start to come down there is no novelty left in the ride and the… Continue reading »


You know you can be lucky but….

I’m one of those people who falls in the “never will win any freebies ever” category. When FM first hit Mumbai and held contests to meet Bollywood stars or cricketing sportstars or any damn freebie – I never won! I knew the answers but my sms never won me anything ever! Hell I never even… Continue reading »


Where did the choreographer disappear?

You hear a song on the radio before the video release and form a picture in your mind. A sequence of steps, the aerial lifts, the attitude and the surroundings where the song takes place. It keeps playing in your head for plenty reasons – the melody, the novelty, catchy beats, funky mood, hip style!… Continue reading »


The Best of the Decade – Bollywood Movies

Picking just 10 movies is a god-damn tough task, especially in a decade where we saw the directors mature, the story-writers blossom and some ingenuity flow in. I’m therefore going to try and walk on water by restricting my choice to only 10 best of the decade – my favourites in no specific order of… Continue reading »


The 3 Idiots in Us…

The first question arising in the minds of all those readers of ‘5 point Someone’ is how “inspired” is the movie from this book. Rajkumar Hirani, prior to release of the movie, kept saying that it is only inspired from the book and is not an adaptation of the book itself. Just like Slumdog Millionaire… Continue reading »


Meri Maa Teri Hain Mere Paa

That’s the song that plays at the end when the titles roll – sung by the 13 year old Auro. Listen to the lyrics carefully, the songs sums up what the movie is about – It’s about Auro and his mom. I’m not going to write about the story as everyone knows it by now,… Continue reading »


Bliss in Melody

When the mind seeks peace and calm, there is nothing better do to but to turn to music. While there are numerous oldies which will spring up in mind, I’ve switched to the songs from the musicians of my era. Here are some of my absolute favourites – songs that might not have been chart… Continue reading »


Dhan Tana Tana Na………

Vishal Bharadwaj has his own fan following. I’m one of them. I don’t want him to execute a romantic comedy – we have Karan Johar and Yash Raj for that. I don’t want his films to have the conventional heroes – we have SRK for that & the super glam dolls – we have enough… Continue reading »


Monkey Business

I’m in a dilemma after watching Delhi-6.So if you’ve been a fool like I was; to see this movie in anticipation of all the hype it carried and riding high on AR Rahman’s super album, maybe you can help me out!What exactly is the movie about?a) Roshan – Bittu’s love storyb) Roshan’s discovery of a… Continue reading »

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