The 3 Idiots in Us…

The first question arising in the minds of all those readers of ‘5 point Someone’ is how “inspired” is the movie from this book. Rajkumar Hirani, prior to release of the movie, kept saying that it is only inspired from the book and is not an adaptation of the book itself. Just like Slumdog Millionaire… Continue reading »


Meri Maa Teri Hain Mere Paa

That’s the song that plays at the end when the titles roll – sung by the 13 year old Auro. Listen to the lyrics carefully, the songs sums up what the movie is about – It’s about Auro and his mom. I’m not going to write about the story as everyone knows it by now,… Continue reading »


My Sister’s Keeper

MDH and I decided to spend the Diwali weekend in Mumbai. Not for celebrations but just to be with our respective moms. My mum was coping with the loss of her mother 3 weeks back and MDH’s mother had undergone a laser operation for her Varicose veins treatment. So this time around I decided to… Continue reading »


Dhan Tana Tana Na………

Vishal Bharadwaj has his own fan following. I’m one of them. I don’t want him to execute a romantic comedy – we have Karan Johar and Yash Raj for that. I don’t want his films to have the conventional heroes – we have SRK for that & the super glam dolls – we have enough… Continue reading »


Monkey Business

I’m in a dilemma after watching Delhi-6.So if you’ve been a fool like I was; to see this movie in anticipation of all the hype it carried and riding high on AR Rahman’s super album, maybe you can help me out!What exactly is the movie about?a) Roshan – Bittu’s love storyb) Roshan’s discovery of a… Continue reading »


In awe of the Dark Knight

Super heroes to me are the secret desires of every common man. The powers we secretly wished for, the things we wanted to do, the help we wanted to give, the fears we wanted to conquer, the risks we wanted to take! Their creators are common men who put in everything to make them achieve… Continue reading »


The Wonder Years……..

That is exactly how I would sum up my college years and Jaane Tu Ya….Jaane Na refreshes those memories in the most simplest of ways.The thing about stories is,, not how interesting stories in themselves are; but how interesting the story-teller tells them. Abbas Tyrewalla excels in this; this time adding up as a director… Continue reading »


Chak de India….It’s what dreams are made of!

I had caught the trailer of ‘Çhak De India’ when I went for Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. In that one minute piece, the shots of the hockey matches impressed me. Though it was still a Shahrukh movie; I knew I had to catch it before the reviews hit the media.And I… Continue reading »


Lage Raho MunnaBhai

The difference between the two parts: I went for MunnaBhai M.B.B.S.: Without reading any reviews Having seen no great hype Without any expectations. I came out of the theatre adding one more movie to my all-time favourite list. A movie that made me smile and laugh over and over again. A rarity in today’s movie… Continue reading »


K-Jo will you ever say Good Bye?

I finally saw KANK. I don’t think Karan Johar is an exceptional director-producer. He is pretty much a little above average; for his films carry a classy look and he makes his actors look great even while they are sobbing most times. I liked his first film Kuch Kuch Hota Hain for Kajol alone K3G… Continue reading »

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