Can You Call My Bluff?

I’m not so sure you would. And that is the USP of the film “Bluff Master”. Some tricks a little too easy and some extremely well executed. There is one guarantee though, you will not feel cheated at the end of three hours. It is a thoroughly enjoyable affair unlike the review it got from… Continue reading »


Fantasy comes to life…

I maybe late on the review but I had to write about it. The Fourth Potter Movie surpasses the previous ones in terms of everything: The Picturisation, The Acting, The Direction, The Graphics, The Magic, The Sets, The Grandeur and last but not the least, The Emotions of Joy and Sorrow. Don’t compare it to… Continue reading »


Difficult, Not Impossible…

I know it is too late to blog about this. I finally managed to catch the movie over the weekend and I just had to write about it. After all it was about cricket, after all it was about a fighter and it came from a director, whose works I have liked for the simplicity… Continue reading »


LOC-Kargil…A Disconnect

I caught the movie finally on Sunday night on TV. I had missed it when it hit the theatres and every time later when it showed on TV. I love war movies, watched quite a few foreign as well has Hindi films. All these films connect with you. You feel for their plight, you take… Continue reading »


Bade & Chote Sarkar

Hubby & I finally saw Sarkar over the weekend. I’m not a film expert and I’m not gonna review it as it is too late to do that! This is my view about the film. First of all it’s a must see. It is not as captivating as Satya or Company was; and that hass… Continue reading »


A Labour of Love…

After a long time (Thanks to our hectic schedules!!!), my hubby and I, finally caught a movie before its reviews were out. The music and trailers were impressive and I insisted we see Parineeta before the whole world does. It’s a beautiful movie made from the heart. I’m not gonna delve into the storyline cause… Continue reading »

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