Mary, Saina, Krishna, You and I…

Mary Kom – Boxing. In contention for Gold,Silver or Bronze Medal at Olympics 2012. 5 times World Champion. 29, Mother of twin boys, Coached by her husband – her mentor, her guide the man behind the woman. She never forgot the support her father-in-law gave her in pursuing her career post her marriage. She convinced… Continue reading »


Little joys…

The tomboy hated applying powder or cream, loved T-shirts &Jeans and sneakers, and the family thought it was a pity that she was a complete contrast to her picture-perfect pretty mumma. Today, when colleagues at work and friends rave about her eye-make up (which is simply applying the eye-pencil in different colours to go with… Continue reading »



I’ve been listening to this song in a loop every night as I go to bed. Put on a repeat mode – no other song plays on the iPod. Every single time I listen to it , I fall in love with it. It may have a melancholic  feel but it is still endearing. It… Continue reading »



I came across this on FB – I had to share it on the blog cause I believe this is very much possible in real life. I’m not a mom yet but if I were to become one someday – this is a possibility with me; and all you righteous moms who are judging me… Continue reading »


Does Only Winning Matter?

At my last toastmaster’s meeting I was the toastmaster of the day and I chose the meeting theme as “Sports”. As an introduction to the theme I chose 4 stories from the sports world that had inspired me – having read about some, watched them later and seen some live. As a child I was a… Continue reading »



If as an artist – be it in films, theatre or music, as a  sports player, as an author, as a painter, as a businessman, as a head of a company – you begin to think that the customer, consumer, audience, spectator cannot have an “expert” opinion on your respective field just cause he is… Continue reading »



I miss the “Bombay” of my childhood and so does mom miss the “Bombay” of her childhood. But she has a song that describes her Bombay to perfection and I’m still searching for one that describes mine; and I know that even if I find my song of my Bombay, hers will still rule the… Continue reading »


The Year End Recap

Life always balances out! Always – This was to be a fantastic year but it ended on a somber note. Mumma lost her aunts in quick succession – I don’t know how it is with you folks but on my side I’ve always been closer to my maternal aunts just like mumma has been to… Continue reading »


Toastmasters Project-2 “Public Transport and Me”

Remember I mentioned to you all that I’ve joined Toastmasters and put up my first speech 2 months back on this space. We are to complete 10 project speeches in the year and I moved to complete my Project-2 yesterday.  The topic I chose was the one which has been very dear to me having… Continue reading »


Random Madness…

I’m so swamped at work these days I don’t get the time to think, read, or pursue my hobbies. I realise internet nope social networking is eating into my time – I need to cut down on it. FB time has already gone down and so will Twitter. My reader items are pending, my daily… Continue reading »

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