Toastmasters Project-2 “Public Transport and Me”

Remember I mentioned to you all that I’ve joined Toastmasters and put up my first speech 2 months back on this space. We are to complete 10 project speeches in the year and I moved to complete my Project-2 yesterday.  The topic I chose was the one which has been very dear to me having… Continue reading »


The “I”cebreaker

I’ve got the opportunity to join the “Toastmasters Club” – an initiative at my workplace. Today was my first speech at the club. We give our speeches and then there is voting for the best speaker and evaluation of each speaker along with few more activities. We meet twice a month – so far it… Continue reading »


Regrets Anyone?

This post has been selected among BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday’s Picks Yesterday night I had a short but interesting conversation with my engineering classmate. Just took a look at where we stood currently in life – all that we wished we could’ve done and reasons for not doing so. Every generation looks at the younger generation… Continue reading »