Netherlands Chronicles–Gulliver’s City Madurodam

Tell me honestly, when you saw this song back in the 90s – didn’t you wish like visiting the miniature city in the background ( ofcourse without any plans to dance like monkeys amidst those tiny wonderful creations). I finally got to visit the place called Madurodam during my Europe visit in Apr-May12. Madurodam –… Continue reading »


Netherlands Chronicles – KeukenHof

Remember Amitabh-Rekha singing “Dekha Ek Khwab Mein Hain Silsile Hue”? That song is the primary reason that has led most Indian tourists to see Keukenhof The gardens are open for only 2 months in the year to tourists – so always ensure that if you ever visit Netherlands, you plan a trip during March-May and… Continue reading »


Netherlands Chronicles – Voorschoten

The beauty of Europe as I’ve often stated on this blog is in the green and blue that you see as the plane descends on this part of the world. Given that I’ve now spent 6 years in Desert land the craving to see the greenery, the rains, the clear waters just increases as years… Continue reading »


Europe – I Love You

Not cause I dreamt of romancing in the Alps when I saw all those Yash Raj flicks – that was never going to be my cup of tea. Heroines in chiffon sarees and halter neck blouses in temperatures of 10 degrees and below – who were they kidding? (But I have friends who still have… Continue reading »


Swiss Chronicles – Interlaken

This post was selected for Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks Interlaken is the hidden treasure in Swissland – 2 lakes, the tallest mountain peak and waterfalls! You get to see it all in this little town and when you visit these sites you know God must’ve spent a lot of time designing this nature’s wonder. We… Continue reading »


Swiss Chronicles –Zermatt Matterhorn

Did you ladies have doll houses when you were young? The ones which had all the tiny rooms with miniature furnishings and people inside. My mother would set up my corner during Diwali. The dolls all decked up and arranged, all the toys- cars, train and buses around and then in the centre the little… Continue reading »


European Oddities

Learnt to speak slowly when communicating with the local Deutsch speaking people! I’m too fast and they are too slow:-( I’m all for conserving water but seriously no water jets in toilets? You think paper is more clean over water and that is conserving natural resource? BAH! Why do they serve bland Indian food in… Continue reading »


Swiss Chronicles : Mt. Pilatus

The way we planned our Swisstrip – it was more of a peak scaling trip for us with 4 peaks on the radar, and therefore Pilatus could not be missed. Now what was the novelty in Mt. Pilatus when we had already visited Mt.Titlis? An alps peak again, snow probably and aerial cableway; well there… Continue reading »


Swiss Chronicles – Lucerne

How many places make you feel at home the moment you step into them, give you a feeling that you might belong here and embrace you with their warmth. Lucerne is among those few places. You travel for about 45 minutes by train from Zurich to reach Lucerne. The place is beautiful – a lovely… Continue reading »


Swiss Chronicles – Mt. Titlis

Do you have dreams? Pleasant dreams, happy dreams, dreams that bring a smile to your face. I’m not talking about big ones – the one about the dream house by the lake or beach, or driving a Rolls Royce, or travelling in your own private jet, or hoping someday you’ll be sitting by GOD’s side… Continue reading »

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