Happy Birthday Mumma

Two years ago: Me: Where is my white Punjabi? Her: How am I supposed to know? Should be in your wardrobe Me: Well it isn’t there; that’s why I’m asking Her: Did you check in the trolley below or on the bed where your clothes are generally lying about, with you bothering to fold them… Continue reading »


Happy Birthday Papa…

Your face lit up,The day you held her in your arms,Years of waiting, years of prayers,Had finally brought the smiles. The man above chose a wonderful day,To let her walk into your world of two,The same auspicious day,He had chosen to unite you two. Home of two,Now abode of three,Two faces smiling and glee,A little… Continue reading »


The Curse of 3…

First Mushtaq Ali, then Eknath Solkar (My tribute to him) and now the lesser known Baloo Gupte.All three were Indian Test-Cricketers. In my tribute to Sunil Dutt I had mentioned that, I’ve observed since long that often, 3 personalities from the same field expire in few days from each other. It is a strange coincidence… Continue reading »

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