Crave Some Lazy Time?

It feels like ages since I put up a post – I told you cricket and work is occupying my time currently. MDH and I were having crazy weekends for the last 3 months. There was a continuous flow of guests at home and on weekends we were busy playing tour guides, once they were… Continue reading »


Life in 55 words over the last 2 months

Guests, touring, delicious food, best friends, parents, grown up nieces, reliving childhood & teen years, laughing all over again at the past, night-long chats, cricket podcasts, blogs neglected, RWAs, RoEs, SVA, portfolio management, falling in love with my work, minimal online life, watching my 10 month-old niece grow up fast, exhausted, tired but still rejuvenated!


The Year End Recap & Resolutions

Have been less frequent on the blog owing to concentrating on getting this blog up. I’m back to do a quick recap as it is that time of the year when you get nostalgic. It was a much better year professionally and personally than last year and my best moments of the year were: Undoubtedly… Continue reading »


A New Abode

Time to begin something new. From the rented home to self-owned. Lots of posts held up as I was doing up this new place or rather this awesome gal who helped me decorate it! Suja what would I’ve done without you! This is my space – my crazy world. Welcome.


Have you ever wished that people…

Kept their egos aside and realised the value of relationships in life Stopped being two-faced and had the courage to show their true colours Appreciated intelligence and smartness over dumb ‘chamchas’ Had the courage to stand up for friendships over professional relationships Got over their silly insecurities which would cost their loved ones their most… Continue reading »


How do we restore our faith back?

What part of your life do you treasure the most? Which friends make you comfortable the most? Who are the people after your parents you look up to most when you are growing up? Which are the days you wish would come back more often? For most of us the answers relate to a place… Continue reading »



The blog is on a small break. Short vacation to Mumbai which means no time to login & then 2 weeks official trip! Will try to be back fast , if not we meet in April. Hope you all come back:-)


Takeover of memories is not possible!

This post was selected for Blogadda’s Spicy Saturday Picks Cadbury finally accepted the Kraft bid after much deliberations and discussions. Ever since the news first fell on my ears somewhere in Sep’09, I was restless. I know and fully understand there is a certain reason for the takeover. Let’s not get there, the next few… Continue reading »


Swine Flu and Aids – The Irony!

I really liked this forward I received in my inbox today. The pic says it all – I’ll keep mum for a change


Forgetful and Me?

I can be really forgetful about the important items like mobile, wallet, car park access card , car keys, my office i-card and even my office laptop. Add to it I’ve butter fingers so clumsy is my middle name. MDH is constantly on the lookout if I’ll topple something or break something or forget something.… Continue reading »

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