War between Equals – Ashes 2009

As the Ashes commenced this year, I was having a discussion with my Cricket buddies Tugga and PK (who by the way are an absolute authority over this game) as to who stood a chance this year to win the Ashes. A common conclusion was that this was a war between equals – not in… Continue reading »


A Hard Urned Victory…

That’s what the headlines on the front page of HT read today. It indeed was, for Vaughan’s young brigade. I did not know a single soul who gave this team a chance to beat the Aussie Team. We were sure though that the Aussies will not have an easy victory. At the end of the… Continue reading »


Final Hours @ The Oval

There cannot be a better end than this. The series will go down as the best ever. Yesterday, Australia looked good to take the lead. However, they were undone by Flintoff, Hoggard and bad-lights. A risk they took to force a win for themselves was not fruitful. Up against a resurgent English side and Flintoff… Continue reading »


Take A Bow @ The Oval…

Shane Warne – The glorious leg-spinner. What a way to bid adieu to the Kingdom. This is, in all probability, his last test match on the English soil. What a series he has had with both bat and ball. Yesterday, when England looked to take it away from Australia, he brought them right back into… Continue reading »


Trent Bridge Did Not Fall Down…

The Brits are thinking of changing the nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down’ to ‘Sydney Harbour came crashing down’. If England does not lose the battle in the last test, they will seriously consider that change. For the first time in16 years they became the first team to enforce a follow-on on the Aussies… Continue reading »


Battle @ Bridge

It’s been a frustrating England summer for me. Flintoff and Pietersen are playing havoc with the Aussie bowling. I’m all excited to get home and rest on the couch glued to the TV set; only to find them off the field after battering the Aussie bowlers all over the ground. I manage to catch their… Continue reading »


Lone Man Standing…

That just about puts Punter’s innings in perspective. Such grit and resilience! A fine example of leading his team from the front. For him, just for him, I prayed hard that the Aussies would draw the match! I think post the match result, he will put this innings right at the top of his favourite… Continue reading »


The Ashes – Part III

Day 1 witnessed some proud moments: He surpassed 600 wickets on the very ground that was witness to a defining moment in his career; the place where he bowled the ‘Ball-of-the-Century’. He almost bowled it again to Strauss in the last test match. It was only befitting that the ground was a witness again to… Continue reading »



That’s exactly what the Poms must have felt after they snatched a two run victory over the Aussies yesterday. There was a House-Warming ceremony at my best friend’s place. She had flown down after a year and since both sisters would be flying back again, her parents decided to have the pooja to invite all… Continue reading »


Underdogs on their way…

Finally the predictions are coming true, finally the underdogs are on their way. After seeing the delivery Strauss got in the last over on day 2 I was dead sure the lead of 99 runs that England had got would prove to be crucial in the end analysis. Warne was the killer yet again and… Continue reading »

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