Crosswords:The New Addiction

Ever since I moved from Worli to Borivali, the travel to Churchgate began to look overwhelmingly painful to me. Quickly did I realize that here was a chance to get back to reading, a habit I had lost out on in the last two years partly due to studies and partly due to my laziness.

The one hour train travel to Churchgate from Borivali got me back to my books and puzzles. Each morning started off with buying a mid-day from the regular newspaper guy in the train. In an attempt not to doze off and keep myself busy I switched to the puzzle section of the paper and have got hooked on to the crosswords there.

For amateurs at the game, the crosswords are just right. I remember my best friend waiting for her dad to get mid-day every evening so that she would crack the crossword. She was amazing at that and has probably advanced to much tougher ones.

I don’t mind having caught onto it really late, but it’s a habit I intend to keep. The net also offers decent crosswords, a regular being the Indian Express one as it is solvable online. It’s a nice break from your work routine. You can check out the Online Mid-day Crossword which is really simple compared to its print edition.

It helps you keep pace with the vocabulary and also keeps me afresh in the mornings as the brain gets to work. Have shifted office from Churchgate to Andheri now, but still have a 45 minutes bus travel and the mid-day crosswords and puzzles keep me company still and will continue to do so daily as long as I work;-)

The Indian Express also carries a Cricket Crossword, what more could me, a cricket fan want. Cricket with crosswords that are my latest interest! Small things in life just about brighten up your day:-)

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