Yesterday the industry was shocked with news of the demise of Sunil Dutt and Ismail Merchant.

Sunil Dutt, made Birju’s role in Mother India immortal and gave birth to the angry young man phenomenon. What appealed most of him as a person was his modesty, down-to-earth nature and a life full of struggle faced with immense courage and solidarity. It’s not easy for anyone to deal with the death of his wife due to cancer, lose his son to drugs and see him held up in police as a terrorist when he was doing immense social work and had a long standing as an ethical politician. We must give Dutt Saab his due respect.

Ismail Merchant made a different genre of movies but they were acknowledged by all. They were pieces of art and will remain so. You can read about him here.

Often in the past I’ve observed that the film industry has lost atleast 3 personalities in a short span of time. Is it a jinx or some scary coincidence but that’s been the case. Someday, I will cite those cases.

As of now, praying for their souls to rest in peace.