Day: May 30, 2005

Chutta Nikalo!

Those living in Mumbai and commuting by B.E.S.T. buses should be familiar with the above two words. We hear them practically everyday when we try to buy the ticket from the B.E.S.T. conductor.
Read this in the ToI and I wonder why we still have the conductors asking for change? Why do they need more, after these B.E.S.T. woes?
Some people never learn do they?:-)

War of Words Begins…

Somebody once said ” The TV can never replace the newspaper, you could never carry a TV on your head when the rain is pouring hard on you”

Jokes apart, the print media, especially our daily newspapers will remain an integral part of our daily lives, this inspite of internet boom, media expansion and technology advancements.
There is a certain charm about the newspaper that no other media has.

Today’s Mid-Day carried an advertisement on its last page. The advertisement carried the heading ‘ This is the great new newspaper idea according to the Times’. It was followed by a print of an article carried in the Times of India which spoke about the success of big dailies going compact to increase readership and targetting the youth. The Times had this printed to set up its new paper the “Mumbai Mirror”.

Below the ‘printed article’ it said ” We had it 25 years ago”

The war of words has already started between Mumbai Mirror & DNA-promoted by the Bhaskar-Zee group. Mid-day has decided to join in as well.

Survival of the Fittest are we seeing this here now?

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