Yesterday’s advertisement in Mid-day proved perfect today. In my usual hurry(The day I land up well before time for anything , I think my hubby dearest will throw a huge party:-), I’m always Just- In- Time, a principle taught in B-school that most MBAs apply in almost all walks of life;-))to catch the office bus outside Borivali station and in that frenzy picking up my daily copy of Mid-Day, I chanced upon the Mumbai Mirror and picked it up for curiosity sakes.

After having a first glimpse of the paper, it seemed to be a prototype of the existing Mid-Day. So what has ToI done different? Nothing. Changed the section names, content the same. The soap opera stars will get some more media coverage and papers will thrive on their gossip. The paper has added international business news, and that’s the only difference.

The puzzles/crosswords lack any standard. One reason that could’ve motivated me to pick up a copy daily, but they are not worth solving. The comics nothing great and Mid-Day will still be a priority as it carries my eternal favouriteCalvin & Hobbes 

Mid-Day hit the nail in the coffin with its advertisement yesterday. I don’t see Mumbai Mirror eroding into Mid-Day’s readership. DNA is yet to hit the stands, will wait and watch what awaits us readers:-)