A few months back, a Maharashtrian couple, both avid trekkers got married in the skies. Literally!!! They had a ropes drawn from mountain to another, with a valley in between and got married in the middle, with deep valley staring at them from below and skies showering blessings over them.
I’ve been trying hard to get that news link but have been unsuccessful so far!

And ,today I read this. So much for adventure!

Nice ideas though to save the exorbitant costs and the dents a wedding makes in one’s pocket;-) No marriage hall cost , no catering cost, no decoration cost, guest list minimal….neat;-)
Honestly, I liked these ideas of the couples:-)
I feel you should have the wedding in the manner that you think is perfect for you, it’s a memory you carry for a lifetime and for most of us it happens only once.
Why not have it our way then?