Remember 1942-A Love Story, its songs had melody written all over them and it took us back to the times when our parents were teenagers. The songs had a few instruments to accompany the vocalists. A piano, a guitar, a sitar, tabla…. that’s it.

No hard music hitting your ears, where you are struggling to actually listen to the vocalists.
I’m not trying to demean those kind of songs; they make for good dance numbers when you hit the floor. So ya every genre has its use.

But in this era you really die for that melodious tune, where the singer shines, and music is soothing to your ears. If you are searching for that kind of music, turn to Parineeta. The latest offering from Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Shantanu Moitra has given some wonderful numbers.

Shreya Ghosal’s voice is a bliss and Sonu Nigam proves again why he is the most wanted singer in the industry. Their duets are so beautiful which touch your heart, especially the “Piyu Bole” number.

Sunidhi Chauhan proves her versatility with the “Zindagani” number. Rekha rocks in the trailer on TV. I can’t believe she is past 50!

The CD is worth a buy.

The promos look very classic, the decor, the costumes, I want to catch the movie when it hits the theatres next week, and I hope it meets the expectations it has raised.