Hoping that Sachin recovers as soon as possible and comes back in rocking style. He may not be the same smashing Sachin who was once called the ‘Kamikaze Kid’ after his blitzkrieg in th Australian tour of ’92 and then in New Zealand ’94 when he opened for India in ODIs for the very first time, blasting 82 of 49 balls, but one hopes he gets to Sunny’s Record faster than anyone else.

Lara is in sublime form and looks good to get there before Sachin does too. He just turned 30(in terms of centuries!!) in the recent test against Pak. Sachin is stuck on 34; one away from getting the record of most number of test centuries!

The heat is on, the competition is back in form and that’s a great incentive for Sachin to come back strong. After all he has never denied the fact that he thrives on competition!

Here is to Lara and Sachin, we’ll sit back and enjoy the battle; that was at its helm in the mid- 90s!!!