Most cricketing fans await the Ashes with great passion and interest. The Ashes, at one time was the biggest rivalry in test cricket till England slumped, Australia rose and rose, and other rivalries like India- Aus, India-Pak, SA-Aus began to overshadow the charm of the Ashes.

However this time, England seems in a better state to challenge the Aussies. Mind you I’m betting on only the Challenge part not the result. For England to win; Aussies need to have ‘Bad Days’ in the field and that is a once in blue moon occasion! And we do not see the blue moon often do we?

Sledging was redefined by the Aussies especially Steve Waugh as ‘Mental Disintegration’. The Aussies are well-known to start off their ‘Speech Therapy’ before the actual matches begin. The only man who gave them a dose of their own medicine was our dear captain! Whatever his current (lack of) form and other cricket woes, that’s a good enough reason to stand by him in his time of distress:-)

Anyways our captain crisis later, here is what The Aussie Captain had to say when he set foot on the shores of England: You’ve had your fun against Bangladesh, guys; now get ready for the real competition’.

And to this he further added, with a reference to the fact that Australia have not lost a Test series against England since Allan Border’s 1986-87 team, said, “England have always had very good teams coming at us over the last 20 years, but they probably haven’t played the way they would have liked.”

Joining the captain are the fans too! This piece was interesting:
Reacting to a dyed-in-the-wool supporter’s forecast that the Ashes will “change hands” in the forthcoming series, an Aussie fan responded, “Yes, they will. They (the Ashes) will travel to Australia from the MCC, where you are holding on to them under one pretext or another.”

I agree with the Aussie fan, it’s time the Aussies were sent to Australia.
If they want them to remain at MCC, the Poms better win it back!!!

Who am I supporting? Except when they play India, it is Australia always, what a bunch of players!!! Only this team can afford to bring in Gilchrist at no. 7 and yet have him score a century!