Day: June 8, 2005

Braille on Board

The West Central Railways is putting up a good example. Now only if all other public services & facilities take a leaf out of the Railways book and make themselves more friendly towards the handicapped people!

Birthday Bash Bang in the Middle of a Working Week…

It’s a special occasion. A birthday, not just for the person whose birthday it is but for all the loved near and dear ones.

Yesterday night, yup right in the middle of the week, one of our friends decided to keep the bash for his girlfriend. He and his sister had contemplated the weekend program, but then they thought, it’s that day, that moment that counts. I must give them hats off for convincing everyone to make it! To top that, we all had a whale of a time with no worries that everyone would have to be up in few hours and get into the daily rut!

We were around 20 of us yesterday and all landed on time to give our dear friend a huge surprise. Poor lady was not aware and had heard all kinds of stories by everyone! She was stunned and took sometime to sink in what was happening.

She got some pretty gifts, from dresses, to flowers, to chocolates, to music cassettes and Cds. However, I think the most exclusive gift of the evening came from Madhu (our friend’s sister), she got cans of chilled coffee in different flavours by Nescafe. Most of us did not know that it existed!

It was a complete hit, even got a vote above the chilled beer and whisky! I intend to buy this, thanks Madhu:-)

The B-day gal has a penchant for wrapping papers. She is justified in her stand that if someone lovingly wraps a gift for you, how can you tear it apart and just see the gift, you got to preserve the paper. I can’t do it, I don’t have the patience, but I liked her thought:-) I don’t know if I’ll take inspiration and implement it though! Our friend surely won’t, cause he kept ragging her about it all night long!

The preparations were excellent, and it showed how much the b-day girl is loved by all. Forget the presents, the preps & the food; the mere fact that everyone made it inspite of the hectic schedules just about proves how special it was for everyone there. Glad we were a part of it:-)

As I always maintain, little things in life matter a lot…they simply make life a lot more special!!!

Happy B-day once again! Hoping that the years to come are even more special:-)

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