Nelson had become synonymous with David Shepherd. Everytime the score reached 111 (which is called “Nelson”), he would hop once, if it was a ‘Double Nelson’ i.e. 222; he would hop twice, and so on…

David Shepherd officiated in his last match, the second test between Pakistan and WI. He needed 8 more to complete a century but he chose not to.

He was always my favourite umpire and will be sorely missed on the field. I remember when he was the umpire in the Aus Vs Ind test in 2001 at Mumbai, all that I prayed for, in the innings of both teams, was to see a score of 111. I wanted to catch Shepherd ‘live’ in action:-) And my prayers were answered:-)

The superstition became so famous that every match in which he officiated, the cameraman shifted focus on him whenever the score hit 111,222 etc.
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