After a long time (Thanks to our hectic schedules!!!), my hubby and I, finally caught a movie before its reviews were out. The music and trailers were impressive and I insisted we see Parineeta before the whole world does.

It’s a beautiful movie made from the heart. I’m not gonna delve into the storyline cause you must’ve read it by now umpteen times. The setting is Kolkatta of 60s, the sets, the costumes, the mannerisms of people, are excellent. Observe the small showpieces kept on Saif’s piano, that just about explains how much detailing has gone into the making of the movie and its backdrop!

The only hitch is the script and editing, the film drags a bit, and the last reel melodrama just about takes away the effect created by the movie. I think that could’ve been avoided. But, I think we can forgive Pradeep Sarkar and Vinod Chopra for that small error.

As for the performances Saif Rocks. He is the real hero of the film. He portrays Shekhar to perfection, his jealousy, his anger, his anguish, his love. Two scenes prove that he has grown and blossomed immensely as an actor. The first song of the movie ‘Suna yeh man mera, tune bandhan kyon yeh toda’ and the piano scene when he thinks of Lolita married with Girish. He is exceptional. Sonu Nigam sings wonderfully to express the pain, the sorrow, the hurt….The song is mind blowing.

Sanjay Dutt is a pleasure to watch. His presence in the film is soothing. Rekha sizzles in the ‘item song’. Oh she’ll give all these current girls a run for their money. Honestly, they are no match for the oomph she oozes. She is beyond 50?? Hard to believe!!!!

Vidya Balan manages to attract attention despite Saif’s rocking performance. She is beautiful. Lovely Indian looks and she acts well too. She has had a promising debut and I hope she picks up roles that do justice to her talent.

Rest of the cast puts in a good effort and you won’t be disappointed. The songs are exceptional as I had mentioned earlier and picturisation is even more impressive!

I think you should catch the movie atleast once.

P.S: Before the film started, there was a teaser from the movie ‘Munnabhai –II’. It involved only Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi. It was hilarious, can’t wait for the movie to hit the screen in Summer of 2006! It’s gonna be a long wait:-(