June Fool???

The headline ‘Aussies lose to Somerset’ almost shocked me! Aussies going down twice in a row to the Poms!!!

I read the report further and saw that they were beaten by a man from SL who has been a nemesis for many teams and another from SA who has been in prime form this season.
But what is surprising, that they failed to defend a score of 342, anything to worry yet?
Ponting sure does not look too worried!


Rekha’s Trauma…


Will UP, Bihar, Rajasthan ever change?

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  1. Tanmay Tipnis

    The Aussies are vulnerable… I was following this match on cricinfo till Somerset needed around 33 off 34 or something like that with 4 wickets in hand… the shocking thing is that the famed Australian bowling was not able to pick up the last four wickets!… all county players, none with international exposure… maybe its time the Aussies are feeling the pressure to live upto their reputation or even match the performance of the ‘INVINCIBLES’… this could be the turn around that the cricketing world is looking forward to…

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