Will UP, Bihar, Rajasthan ever change?

Why am I not that shocked after reading this.

How is the woman a partner in a crime called rape?? Any answers, no we don’t have any!


June Fool???


Kali Prataap’s Ghost at Work ???

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  1. Anshul

    Its weird isnt it. In our country, on one hand we have extremely liberal and modern societies and on the other we have these crazy, superstitious people living in the 16th century. Something radical needs to be done to level this kind of cultural rift in the country. Its so hard though. These people have been living in the same closed, rigid societies for so many generations. Its only through even a slightly modern education and awareness that things can change. Its very sad when u hear about these kinds of incidents especially against women. We should all really try to do something about these problems in our own small ways.

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