Vata Pournima and Mumbai Voices on Go 92.5 FM

Vata Pournima is the day when married ladies fast the entire day to pray for their husband’s long life and have him as their husband for the next 7 lives. I wonder why there is no such fast for men;-)

Anyway this blog chapter is not about debating on it or explaining the occasion. As a part of my daily routine I listen to Jaggu and Tarana on the Good Morning Mumbai Show on Go 92.5FM, daily from 7.00-11.00 a.m.

The duo is a complete riot on radio and brings you tons of laughter with their witty conversations and takes on current events. I think it’s a show everyone must listen too.

They do a section called ‘Mumbai Voices’ where they ask the junta to sms/call in expressing their views about a topic raised that day. Today they asked ‘If all married ladies would want their husband for 7 lives’.

The answers poured in. Most said No; after all variety is the spice of life, some said Yes, cause there is no man like him and we are very happy.

A few had innovative answers, but the one that caught the attention was this:

“This is my Seventh Life!”

Somebody has been counting for a long time now!!!

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