Sarkar hits the screens this Friday. The promos look intense! The whole film has the typical RGV look. The promos reflect that the film will keep you on the edge of your seat all the time, with the audience in for some mind-blowing performances by the father-son duo.

Amitabh’s whole persona & look sends a shiver down your spine. Terrorizing is his whole presence. Abhishek looks the confused son to perfection.

And the comments about the film prior to the release are also note-worthy:
The Director: Abhishek is a better actor than his father!
The Projectionist at the laboratory where the prints were being checked, after viewing the film said,

‘Aisee picture to maine pehle kabhi dekhi nahin. Amitabh Bachchan aur Abhishek Bachchan ka acting dekhne ke baad, yeh maloom nahin ki kaun kiska baap hai!!’

What a fantastic way to put the acting performances of the duo in perspective. That’s what they mean when they tell you to KISS (Keep it Short and Simple!) !!

Amitabh quotes the projectionist in his interview to Mumbai Mirror. He’ll never forget this projectionist ever in his life. What a compliment, no one could’ve put it better!