After a tiring, tiring weekend, when I finally caught on some TV yesterday night, I was touched by an Air Deccan Ad Film. It did not have any well-known faces (If famous in south I’m not sure). A simple story told through touching moments, simple people, their dreams, chasing the impossible and finally making it happen.

The little boy is such a natural, someone whom you find if you look outside your window. He loves aeroplanes. He lives in a small village where there are no fancy toys, and therefore he holds onto a picture of the plane on a matchstick box close to him wherever he goes.

His father observes his love and builds him a toy plane. Years go by and the father receives an air-plane ticket from his son. He a simpleton from village had never even dreamt of flying in a plane. The whole village is buzzing with the news, and help the old man pack for his flight. At the airport baggage check, the scanner reveals the toy plane that he had made for his little boy which he is carrying to gift him; it brings a smile on the face of the officials.

High on sentiments, but simple in their message “Today flying is just not a dream but a reality for all”
Message conveyed and accepted 🙂

Go here and catch the timings when you can view “The old man and the sky