Day: July 13, 2005

Ash or Tara?

First they say it’s Ash now it’s Tara.
I’m confused, but why bother!

The link in my previous posts points to the new one! So have no proof that rediff had put up Ash’s name!
Huge goof up!

Goof Up?

I dunno how to react after reading this.

For what year are these awards given? Surely Hum Tum, Raincoat and Page 3 were not released in same year.

I am no fan of Shahrukh Khan, but what little I saw of Swades he surely deserves it better than Saif for Hum Tum! We are giving acting awards here and that too at a national level!
If the quality of work is slipping, just don’t give any awards. Just say you did not find anyone noteworthy.

Aishwarya -The Plastic Lady for Raincoat? No comments! God forgive the jury!

Page 3 is a good choice but why is a movie released in 2005 being taken in along with those in 2004? Someone has got the dates wrong!

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