Bade & Chote Sarkar

Hubby & I finally saw Sarkar over the weekend. I’m not a film expert and I’m not gonna review it as it is too late to do that! This is my view about the film.
First of all it’s a must see. It is not as captivating as Satya or Company was; and that hass probably got to do with the fact that Amitabh Bachchan stars in the title role. The man overshadows everyone and everything in the film.
What I loved about the film was that most of the times Amitabh and Abhishek talk through their eyes and looks. I think that was brilliant. For a man who has been well-known for his voice and powerful dialogue delivery full credit to RGV for getting the man to convey through his looks. Tremendous.
The first 5 minutes are gripping, and yes it does slacken in between, but picks up pace once again when Abhishek takes over the reigns.
Kay Kay Menon is one of the top performers of the film who holds his ground in front of Amitabh. He has always been fine actor and this performance should bring a new lease in his career.
Subhash Nagre is an extremely controlled man, with not much display of emotions, aware of his hold on the “junta” and his force, and a man with tremendous self-belief in his actions. He is never overawed by anyone. But couple of scenes show the man’s humbleness despite his status.
  • The first time Abhishek returns home, you see only the “father” Subhash Nagre in Amitabh’s eyes, nothing else seems to matter. He is even more humbled when he returns home from the hospital to see a mob who is eagerly awaiting his arrival. He is humbled by their faith, the respect and the love shown to him.
  • Like any dominating father he would’ve banned Shankar’s love for Pooja and forced him into marrrying Avanti whose father, a dear friend of his , he had promised on his deathbed, that he would get the two married. Not only does he react calmly when his wife tells him about Abhishek’s decision but also makes Avanti understand.
He isn’t a “gunda”, an evil man, he is man with power who believes in doing what he thinks is right.
And Abhishek, well what do I say. I may sound biased but he really does excel in the role in the latter half of the film. As the quiet Shankar he takes charge, he changes, he understands the nuances of the game and makes his move intelligently along with Chander, Sarkar’s right arm.

He is finally coming into his own and getting into the angry young man mould that his father was well-known for. He pulls of these rustic roles really well e.g: Yuva, and now Sarkar. Few scenes where he stood out :

  • The one where he comes to tell his family that he has killed his own brother.
  • He goes to Swamiji who is about to tell him about the Gita, when he cuts him coldly stating I do not believe in god, giving the swami the choice to choose between God and him!
  • Finally, when he tells the CM that he should be expecting the CBI into his house soon, and the CM brags about how with his power he’ll be out of the bars in two days. Abhishek pauses, looks serenely at the CM and says, that’s exactly what I want, and walks out!! The CM does not know how to react!

Other actors in various small roles were excellent as well, especially the Rashid Guy. He hardly has any dialogues in the film but he says it all with his fearsome looks.

The background music was too loud but I liked the ‘Govinda, Govinda’ chant number. The only flaw in the film was Abhishek’s escape from Rashid’s hands, portrayed as too easy. 20 men firing at close range and not hit even once! Too filmi and a little hard to digest coming from RGV. But we shall forgive him for that minor glitch.

The film could’ve done without Tanisha & Katrina. Even RGV could not get any performance from them!!! Supriya Pathak as the troubled mother and calm wife played her part to perfection.

At the end of it all, if you are a Bachchan(Sr. & Jr.) fan , you can’t miss the Bade & Chote Sarkar. They are one hell of a riveting act together, assisted by some very fine performances!

Go watch it!


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  1. VJURS

    “Deen Bandhu” a Song from the Movie “Sarkar” is very beautifully rendered by Padmashree Rita Ganguly, a 60 year old veteran singer from the heart and brings tears to the eyes. It is the first time I got to hear her voice and did some research on her on the net to see who this wonderfully gifted artist was. I was not surprised at all to read, what an eminent professional women musician she is.

    I can’t seem to stop listening to the song. I hope to listen to other works of hers in the days to come.

    I thank Mr. Ram Gopal Varma, for having introduced her voice in “Deen Bandhu”. I also thank the composer of the Song.

    All I can say is “Brilliant” – Long live the beautiful voice of India.

    Coming to the movie, I can not understand all the critics, who have savaged the movie after comparing to the Classic “Godfather”. At the starting of the movie, it is clearly stated that the movie was inspired from “Godfather”. So come on guys, wake up. He never said he has copied or based every scene on the classic. Moreover the original version does not suit Indian way of life. RGV has taken liberties to fashion a movie in his unique style of movie making. It takes a lot of conviction and guts to attempt and succeed to the extent it has. If it was that bad a movie, the paying public will not pour USD 3 million for the opening weekend it self, which is record in India, The movie does not have the usual candy floss romance nor silly song & dance sequences.

    I congratulate the whole team – right from the Producers/Director/Actors and all those associated with the movie, for doing a great job. Please keep making such wonderful movies, so we can rise from the mediocrity we get to see often from Indian Cinema.

    I salute Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, Mr.Abhishek Bachchan, Mr. Kay Kay and Mr. Ram Gopal Varma for making it happen.


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