Ganguly the 16th man

I was planning to write on the selection woes and crimes committed by the selection committee but I won’t, after reading this man who has put things in the right perspective.

There is a reason why he is where he is today. There is a reason why most people will prefer to take a backseat and let him do the talking. There is a reason why he is one of India’s most loved and respected commentators and sports writers.
He puts things in the right perspective, no bias, no favoritism. Just Perspective. Read on

p.s: There is also the reason why the espnstar sports commentator hunt was labeled ‘Harsha Ki Khoj’ and everyone who was there including yours truly was completely in awe of this man.


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  1. Minal

    Saurabh, looks like you are back in action.
    Exactly what Harsha is trying to tell the Board. Sadly we refuse to listen!!

  2. Saurabh

    In my opinion, Ganguly should go along only if he’s in the final playing eleven. To take him along as 16th man, and to play musical chairs with the captaincy is not something I am personally comfortable with.. case in point is the Kapil-Sunny fiasco in the 80s, where a healthy mentor-protege relationship soured to, what seemed then, like beyond repair. Never good these things, I tell u…

  3. Minal

    I’m also pro-Ganguly ya but surely you cannot you cannot give any man that much importance over a team!!!
    no person is indispensable, Sunil Gavaskar retired, Sachin came in, come on this is team sport right? If it were individuals running the game WIs would have been at the helm thanks to Lara, and I hope you read in another post of mine an article Harsha had written about that man! I hope Indian selectors see light someday!!

  4. Anshul

    Yes very nice article. Although I dont follow cricket too much I have been keeping track of whats been happening with Ganguly and I think Harsha has as always put it in the right perspective. As he rightly puts unfortunately cricketing India is now divided into pro and anti Ganguly. Putting a player (however great or bad he is) ahead of what is actually good for the team is a mistake these people never seem to learn from. Anyway I also liked one of the comments on the site. It said “Finally someone sees the king is walking naked”. Well said and just FYI I am pro-Ganguly :-D.

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