Warning: I’m putting up a ‘Current List’, so this is not to be mistaken for my ‘All-Time Favourite List’.
That list will come a little later. I shall need a lot of thinking and choosing to do, and it will be an arduous task for me! It’s never easy to pick up favourites if you’ve tuned into songs from the 50s decade onwards!!

Anywhere for the time being, the current ones:

Album: ‘Parineeta’. The melody is back, more on it read here.

Hindi Song: ‘Naam Ada Likhna’ from ‘Yahan’. I listen to it atleast twice on the radio daily. The lyrics touch your heart and the music; well it reminds you of Parineeta! Shantanu Moitra’s new composition, Parineeta’s shadow falls on this song, but that only makes it more soothing to listen to. Shreya Ghosal and Shaan are once again at their best.

English Song: ‘Don’t Phunk with my Heart’ by Black Eyed Peas. It grew on me since I kept hearing it daily on the radio. It’s cool and it’s funny. It’s not your regular rock, pop, whatever. It’s plain fun to listen to. I like the way the lady swoons ‘No No No”. Just listen to it;-)

Once More Please: ‘Mangal, Mangal’ from ‘The Rising’. Wonderful rural feel to the song, and Kailash Kher is awesome. After “Allah ke Bande”, this should be one landmark song in his career. What a voice!

Rap Song: Bunty ‘n Babli –Title Rap by Blaze. Sorry folks haven’t listened to English music much, but clearly my favourite for its video. The Big B has “STYLE”…note the CAPS LOCK!

POP Number: ‘Nadiyon Paar Sajan’, again cool song. Neat beats! Don’t ask me why, I sometimes like the odd one 😉

Soothing Number: ‘Yeh Lamhe’ by Jaal, not the remix. The slow, original version is lovely to listen too. The kind you should listen to, more often on way home after a tedious day at work!

Most Irritating Song: I feel like pulling out my hair on listening to this song! They still make these kinds and they go down with the audience! God give me a break. I could handle “Garam Chai Ki Pyali ho” any day over this one! I’m talking about ‘Aarah He Arrah Ha, Just Love Me’ from No Entry!!!
Everytime I here it I find myself saying “Just Spare Me”!!!

So there it is, my Current List, an All-Time List sometime this week:-)

By the way what about yours? Go ahead list one!