All’s not Well…

Ganguly hit 51. Should I be happy? No, I’m not! In 110 balls???????

For heaven’s sake we are playing ODI not a Test match! The pitch can’t be that bad! One can’t get so selfish to save his place in the team! I miss the old Ganguly, the man-in-charge.

Have to put up a blog chapter on him, it’s time!

Indians are not helping their condition by batting so miserably! Tail-enders salvaging some pride at the end. Previous match Bhajji & Zaheer, and now Pathan. Not a good start to the season.

Will get to see some part of the match when I get home tonight. Hopefully SL will find the pitch as bad as we did.

You say they won’t? I think I’ll have to agree with you on that!


Captain Captivates…


Mumbai Help…


  1. Minal

    You know I simply wished Ganguly had enough sense not to go on this tour. He has to fight and get back into the side based on his performance.

    And yes I do agree with Saurabh, he has shown me a ray of light in the dark clouds( I wish I’d see some sun in Mumbai too!!) If Ganguly continues like this, his chances of getting a test 50 are very bright;-)

  2. Minal


    I’m not sure about the pitches ya, haven’t got to watch any match at one go. At times it seemed a bit slow, but I think if you stick around you can pile up a decent score, I don’t think a 300 is possible but somewhere around 250-275 would be a winning score.These guys have simple not played well! No excuses will do!

    No Murali in side , no Jayasurya and we still lose!

    On the other hand the bowlers have done a decent job, Pathan being the best, now only if the wickets column totalled upto 10 we would have a win in our hands;-)

  3. Minal

    Hi Sandeep,

    I would give them loads of time. I’m not the kinds who will rush.
    But 4 years with same core team, same inconsistency, sorry, one will run out of patience. Atleast I’m not among those fans who run the team down after every bad performance.

    The pitch was not devilish and we played sluggish. If we keep finding excuses for our defeats we will never be the best side in cricket like Aussies. It’s high time we learnt our lessons and pretty fast.

    As far as adjusting to the conditions goes, well how long have we been playing in Sri Lanka now? And those conditions are the closest we can get to the one’s in our country.

  4. Saurabh

    I didn’t get a look at the pitch, so no comments. Anyhow, why the low totals all series? Too grassy or too slow or what?

    But look at the bright side, if Ganguly plays like this in Tests he might actually manage a test fifty sometime:-)

  5. Anshul

    Thats what happens when you put excessive pressure on a person to secure his position and future in the team. He has to be selfish.

  6. Sandeep

    My! You’re REALLY passionate about this stuff, aren’t you?? I suppose you’d have to allow the team to adjust to the conditions a bit, since they really haven’t been playing for soo long now. Yeah, maybe a sub-standard performance is unacceptable, since we expect so much; and moreover, since the aussies come back so well after a break, it’s pretty easy to envy their resilience…
    But chin-up! Success is on it’s way! Hehe..

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