What a freak injury that was and bad timing! Surely the Aussies missed the Pigeon yesterday. Poms were on a rampage. 10 sixes and 54 fours in 79.2 overs!!! A run-rate of 5 throughout the day. Don’t want to take anything away from the Poms. 407 in a day in a test match is very good by any standards.
Wait a sec, did I just say Poms got those runs? Surprised aren’t you? So was I, especially since we are so used to see that score against the Aus name. But I’m glad the positions are changing.
My Cricket-Aus Crazy friend Saurabh puts up a nice chapter on why we desperately need this change and who are the ideal candidates for it. I couldn’t agree more with him!

I didn’t get to see much of their innings:-( Wanted to catch the Flintoff & Pietersen partnership in action. Pietersen’s six of Brett Lee showed me what I had missed! The chap is going great guns on his debut.

Aussies had a shocking start, Hayden out early, but they seem to have recovered. Only Langer seems to know that it is test-match and not ODI!

What fun, enjoy the battle till it lasts!

P.S: Are people even glued to the Tri-Series happening in SL? ODIs can never take anything away from exciting test-cricket. That’s the real stuff and that’s the real challenge. Invent a Twenty20 or Ten10, Test cricket will never die.

The cricketers and the fans will keep it alive. Does the Indian Board even know what a true cricket fan craves for? Atleast I’ve yet to meet one who will tell me, “Minal I enjoy ODIs more!”