The Ashes – Part III

Day 1 witnessed some proud moments:

  • He surpassed 600 wickets on the very ground that was witness to a defining moment in his career; the place where he bowled the ‘Ball-of-the-Century’. He almost bowled it again to Strauss in the last test match. It was only befitting that the ground was a witness again to another glorious achievement by this man who brought alive the leg-spinner clan that was dying a slow death in cricket.
  • Out of a lean patch he couldn’t have asked for a better knock to come at a better time.
    166(215) I’m lost for words! Captain’s knock? Only time will prove!
  • What a delivery to get Hoggard out of the last ball. Perfect! He brought back his team in the game after not such a great day in field.
  • He got his expensive test match figures in a longtime. Batsmen getting almost 4 an over off him. Went wicket-less, luck was not his side, especially when he had the century maker bowled at 41 and the delivery was a no-ball!

Am I being too cryptic? Come on folks watch the Ashes to get the answers!


Mind if I ASK?


Lone Man Standing…


  1. Tugga

    Minal, u mite want to check out my opinions, very general tho they are on my blog. Anyway, 10 days to regroup..almost like starting a new test series.

  2. Minal

    I watched the last two hours of the test match! My mom could not fathom why I was shouting at the top of my voice when it was 10.30 in the night!:-) Then it struck her that “cricket” is on!

    As for getting on Giles, I think Vaughan was skeptical considering he had gone wicketless!But it would’ve been worth the risk.

  3. @mit

    Aussies managed to save it at the last minute. I think Vaughn missed a trick when Mcgrath came. He should have got in Giles with men around…. but overall it was advantage Eng all the time.

    BTW – Thanks for linking me. It means a lot

  4. Minal

    I too didn’t expect this sort of a turnaround. Some fight ya but this is amazing:-)

    Enjoy the battle:-) Clarke I believe was injured badly! Murphy’s law is on full swing or the Aussies!

  5. @mit

    And waht about today — just goes to prove that cricket makes a fool of everyone — time and again

    Before the Ashes series I had written of England completely and now you see that they are up to the fight…

    Great day again today

    Just lost Adam Gil….now if they get Clarke it will be fun

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