It’s been only 3 weeks since Mumbai faced its worst ever natural disaster. The city is still recovering with aids yet to reach many. People and organizations are on full swing in their operations to send out the aid. Environmentalists have explained why the disaster happened, and we must build more green spaces in the city.

Yet our brilliant,” Environment Minister” comes up with a fantastic suggestion to save Maharashtra from the 1 Lakh crore debt. How do we do it? Sell off the open spaces, and pay off the debt and whatever remains use it for ‘building infrastructure’ in this city. Wow hasn’t he got the finest brains in the world?

He made some ridiculous statements yesterday! And today he has backtracked on his words. It’s a shame we have such people in the power. It’s a shame we do nothing about it!

And why are we taking this crap from him? Can’t we finally speak out? Why are the “builders” and politicians ruling this city? Do we citizens not have a say?

A nice editorial piece here.(It’s in Marathi).