As far as my best friend and I can remember we have been absolute TV buffs. We could watch TV endlessly without budging which could drive our mothers crazy. We would tip each other off on the new ads to hit the TV, new songs, and new film promos to hit the small screen. What’s so cool about that, nothing, but we just enjoyed being the first ones to see it before others did and the first to pass our views on it.

Some advertisements made their mark. I loved all the Dairy-Milk ads. The first which used the ‘Don’t worry Be Happy’, song in the background, whistling to that tune. I was so kicked about the fact that I had got the whistle right. I showed off every now and then, only to be reminded by my dear mumma, ‘Minal young ladies do not whistle’. Whenever she told me that I’d remind her that her younger sister, my mausi (maternal aunt) had taught me how to. She had given up!

One of my top favourites was that of the girl dancing on the cricket field. Kuch Khaas Hain
Indeed, those ads were really ‘Kuch Khaas’ (Special!)

Raymond & Titan Ads were another favourites. The background tunes are stored in my head forever. The ‘My Papa Strongest’ advertisement and the ‘Pespsodent’ Ads which featured kids describing why having two coloured toothpaste was special to them. The kids were just too cute!

Though I do not propagate soft drinks, the ‘Nothing Official About It’ campaign from Pepsi really rocked. Sad they don’t make those anymore! I also loved the ‘Doodh Doodh, wonderful Doodh, Piyo Glassful Doodh’ jingle. That should’ve got everyone hooked onto drinking milk!

These are just to name a few. There would be tons. Maybe that should be another blog chapter, the best advertisements. Nice topic to take up:-)

As for new film promos. Oh how we would await those! I remember how I was not so taken in by Kaho Na Pyar Hai trailers. My pal insisted I watch the Ek Pal Ka Jeena number more often and bang we were hit by the Hrithik Mania! He is no doubt the best dancer around in Bollywood, the craze has died down though.
We were also taken in by Abhishek in Refugee (Why? Please do not ask me? At times like this, 20 year old crazy girls lack rationale to prove their likes-dislikes. I guess we both were a little too foresighted) and how right we are proved today;-)

The advertisements and songs just stuck in your head for that period. Here are few doing the rounds currently:

Hats Off To:
The Maruti Alto Advt
Shubha Mudggal’s voice in the background singing “Boondon Mein Jane Kya Naya Hain”. The jingle brings back the memories of some of her fine numbers like Ab Ke Sawaan, Seekho Na. The picturisation too is beautiful. A drive in the rains along the tea-gardens, soothing, pleasant, blissful, hmmmmmmm just peaceful!

Thumbs Down To:

Salaam Namaste Trailer:
Saif & Preity dancing(??), as much as she is cute and adorable, she can’t dance! Neither can he! Both are so awkward in their movements. Above that, Saif shirtless, low-waist jeans with red underpants showing, so not happening!!