How and Why?

How and why do we do this so convincingly?

First I’m not trying to be a cynic. I’m anything but that when it comes to cricket and India.
We have NZ reeling @ 36-5 and let them end the innings at 215 in 43 overs @ run-rate close to 5!
From 36-5 we should have made them slog and earn every run. Not gifted easy runs. I have no clue how the pitch is. But it is not devilish from the way the New Zealand’s bottom half played.

India might go on to win this one considering 215 is hardly a total to defend these days. (I won’t be surprised if NZ does defend it! Shane Bond is back!)

My Mumbai star refuses to learn!
Match Figures: 7.1-0-45-2
Runs/Over: 6.28

Why? How long? How long are we going to defend your comebacks? Only you have an answer and the answer has to come on the field, none other will do.

This is dismal:
Match Figures:
Runs/Over: 6.11

Bhajji, please do justice to the fact that you are chosen over Kumble.

Impressive as usual:
Irfan Pathan
Match Figures: 8-1-34-3
Runs/Over: 6.11

Ashish Nehra
Match Figures: 8-3-22-2
Runs/Over: 6.11

But why dear captain, when NZ is losing wickets was their quota not utilized, not even after 8 wickets were down? You were expecting the last two pairs to last till 50 overs? Nice confidence in your bowlers! Was it not a risk worth taking?

Send some aggressive signals to the opposite camp, see how Stephen Fleming is constantly at you and your team?

What happened to you? You were the one guy who stood up to Steve and his Aussies and retorted in their own words? You had them perplexed!
Come on we want the old Ganguly back!


Battle @ Bridge


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  1. Minal

    I came to know later after I had already posted this!!

    44-8?????????? We seriously have lost it!!

    The pitch was not bad at all. One bowler we could not negotiate!
    Sad Sad!

    Ashes is looking good, and Aussies now need to play out of their skin!

    Thnks for linking me:-)

  2. Truman

    But we lost it 🙁
    For once I actually hoped that they bundle out for less than 54.
    aaargh. I am off checking out the Ashes.

    Btw, am linking you too.

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